Ahad, Ogos 30, 2009

Contact lenses: Extremely important!

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Please tell all your friends who are attending the barbecue and who are wearing contact lenses or any possibility to contact to the fire hazard; tell them to remove the contact lenses!

Share a very fearful story happens in Malacca…

One day, a 21 year old student was wearing the contact lenses to attend the barbecue party!

A few minutes after he starts using the charcoal to light a fire, he was yelling and rolling back and forth on the ground

The entire audiences people all to be scared; nobody knew what actually had happen to him?

His friend hurries to send him to the hospital.

The doctor said, he forever could not been seen again!

Do you know why?????

The reason is:

The contact lenses make by the plastic, when he lights a fire and the heat temperature melted his contact lenses!

Therefore please tell all your friends when having the barbecue party and contact with fire hazard; please do not wear the contact lenses!!

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