Rabu, Mac 31, 2010


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Incident nie pernah keluar the sun paper. Just be more careful.

Dear friends,

Please do not believe the call from 03-2178 8888 Ambank Customer Service Hotline.

This happened in my family.

Incident 1

My father received a call from Ambank last Wednesday. The customer service officer was told that my father having an outstanding amount of RM3,800 in credit card account.

My father was felt weird and called me to check. I told my father to ignore the call since he does not have any account in Ambank. But he insists me to check & gave me the number that appeared in his mobile, which is 03-2178 8888.

Finally I have called to Ambank Customer Service Center & told them regarding the incident. The officer told that they have received a lot of customer complain regarding the same incident recently. They have been make a police report regarding the incident. She told me NOT to believe those calls from 03-2178 8888 because the hotline is for public to call in and the same number will not appear if the call is really from Ambank’s staff.

Incident 2
My youngest brother received a call from 03-2178 8888 from Ambank yesterday & the guy want to check with my brother whether he is using the credit card to buy jewelry from Poh Kong in KLCC & the amt is about RM3,000. My brother was wondering because he does not have any credit card from any bank. Then the guy told him that maybe there is someone using my brother identity to applied their credit card. The guy said my brother has to pay a outstanding amount of RM5,000 which has been swiped previously even though he does not have the card. My brother was very angry, but the guy taught him to report to Bank Negara and he directly transferred the line to “Bank Negara Officer”.

The “Bank Negara Officer” told that my brother has to change all the PIN number of his saving accounts since his identity has been used by somebody. “The Officer” asked my brother to go to ATM machine immediately and he will call my brother again to teach him how to change the PIN number. He told my brother not to check his account within 3 days after change the PIN number.

My brother was wondering & he told the “Officer” that he only can do it by next day. At last, the “Officer” asked my brother go to the ATM machine at 10am the next day & he will call my brother.

After hang up the call, my brother called me & told about the incident. I have asked my brother to ignore it & told him regarding the incident that happened to my father last week.

My brother told that those “Officers” were very professional & make him felt that incident is really happen.

Dear Friends, Please be aware of the call from 03-2178 8888.


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